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Expert Advice

Whether you are fresh out of a Medical Residency Program with the mere thought of starting your own practice, or 10-years into your own venture - we are here to support you. Our Team brings you experiences from entrepreneurial & public company experiences. While the Medical World name dates back to the late 1980's, MWS' current strategy was established in 2007. We were on the leading edge of change helping Physicians transition from paper charts to electronic medical records (EMR).

​Since then, our focus has transitioned from being solely a tech company to one providing strategic advisory, medical billing, technology and operational support in healthcare ventures.

Knowledge Sharing

From time to time we'll share knowledge on topics that will be relevant to you as a healthcare venture; as well, as a small-business owner.

  • Consider acquiring a practice? Read me.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) (ie. Obamacare) "marketing names" of the various plans out there. Read me.
  • Have you been on an EMR system for a while? You may be surprised what your data is telling you. Read me.

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